2020 June Online Exhibition

Welcome……Our last “in person”meeting was in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were not to be discouraged though…our meetings were continued via Zoom.

However, we have been active in creating this online Exhibition. Members started submitting images at the end of March. Contributions continued up to the middle of June. We began with the traditional early spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, forsythia and numerous others. Included in this exhibition is what is currently blooming. Therefore, there is a wide variety, some innovative, of arrangements for you to view.

Enjoy…..We will begin this Online Exhibit with: Laurie Wareham: President

This and the following arrange-ment use identical containers each using some of the same flowers, vegetables and leaves. Note the differing appearances in the designs.

See above comment.

An attractive arrangement using wrapped reed with complimentary colors of orange, yellow and cream. Flowers consist of roses, lilies, berries, forsythia and alstroemeria.

Two harmonizing containers using forsythia and orange roses with berries

A green container filled with forsythia, daffodils and baby’s breath. Note the folded leaves.

Caroline Jackson

This and the following four arrangements were created by Caroline.

Branches, six red tulips and hydrangeas

A monochrome arrangement demonstrating mass and line.

Yellow iris w/iris leaves and solomon seal.

Purple irises and iris leaves in a purple Moribona type container.

Lilacs and Henry Lauder walking stick. The container is purple glass with a very small opening.

Gaby Bras

A spring garden arrangement with spirea, grass and iris. Placed in front of a piece of artwork.

Chabana arrangement with columbine, curly willow and rhubarb.

Helen Surridge

“Spring in a Basket” Pussy willow, daffodils and hyacinth.

Bridal Wreath and Miss Kim lilacs. No kenzan used.

“Purple Musings” Allium, hosta and wild geranium.

“Peony with Mizsumata”

This and the following arrangement use identical flowers and branches with differing containers, ceramic and drift wood. Therefore, a differing appearance. Both arrangements and those to follow are created by :

Laurie Wareham

See the above explanation in regards to this arrangement in a ceramic container.

Similarly colored flowers in a tall container which can be set on a floor.

Again, this image and the next use red anthurium and branches as the main flower focus. Note the containers. This arrangement uses ceramic.

A piece of driftwood is used as the container in this arrangement. Although the flowers are the red anthurium this arrangement has a different appeal.

Two tall metal containers using green orchids, red carnations, light green berries, a green leaf with large branches.

Seven purple allium in a low narrow container with delicate drooping cream flowers.

Lynn Laufenberg:

Lynn chose the materials in this arrangement to match the curving shape of the Japanese container. The greenish white rhubarb sprays and green rounded leaves compliment the container and set off the red stems of the leaves. Note the front and side views of the arrangement.

Priscilla Farrell

Priscilla’s first arrangement is titled: “Fall Chrysanthemum in the Spring”

This image is titled: Pink Peonies”

“Five Friends”

Sharon Banaszewski

Sharon’s first arrangement is titled “Joyful”.

This arrangement is: “Lovers in the Woods”.

“Made Me Blush”

“Baby Birds Chirping For Their Supper”

“Sitting Next To An Alpine Lake”

Left side….”Shoka Isshuike”

Right side….”Shoka Nishuike”

Sharon’s arrangements in this exhibition are Ikenobo freestyle or shoka style. She also practices Ichiyo Ikebana.

Shirin Ahmadi

Shirin’s first arrangement contains pansies, grape hyacinths and bamboo.

This round container is filled with Mizsumata, a blossom and leaf.

Three orange tulips with forsythia.

Narcissus with pine and branches.

Cindy Hum

“Leaning on Each Other”

Egyptian Crawling Onions,Lady Mantle, Allium

4 thoughts on “2020 June Online Exhibition

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful exhibition! I enjoyed seeing them so much, I am now going back & looking at these lovely arrangements again!
    Judi Efland Asheville, North Carolina


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