Programs & Events

Upcoming Events 2020


August 12  ZOOM Program by Ms Susan Cano, First Grade Riji Sogetsu School and NCAR South Region Advocate, on “Color of Container”



July 8 ZOOM Monthly Meeting – Chabana by Gabriella Bras

June 2020 Online Exhibition

June 3 ZOOM Meeting – Arrangement of Your Choice

June 3 Garden Party at home of Anu Garg – POSTPONED

May 29-31 Torii Gate Show at Mitchell Park Conservatory (“The Domes”) – CANCELLED

May 12 ZOOM Meeting – Arrangement of Your Choice

Apr 14 ZOOM Meeting – Basic Moribana

Mar 3 Create a monochromatic arrangement by Lynn Laufenberg

Feb 4 Create an arrangement that is inspired by Haiku poetry by Laurie Wareham


Dec 11 Holiday Party

Dec 7 Kenosha Public Museum International Holiday Faire – Ikebana “Make & Take” program for museum visitors

Nov 16 Basic Moribana Upright Form Workshop – open to members and the public

Nov 12 Seasonal arrangements by Cindy Hum

Oct 27-31 18th North & Central American Regional Conference – Dallas, Texas

Oct 1 Creating movement in an Ikebana arrangement by Laurie Wareham

Sept 14-15 Ikebana Exhibition at “Fall in Love with Orchids 2019” at Mitchell Park Conservatory (“The Domes”)

Sep 3 Design with wrapped reed in an arrangement by Lynn Laufenberg

Aug 1-4 Wisconsin State Fair Exhibition

Jul 10 Field Trip – Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, WI

Jun 12 Garden Party

May 10-12 Torii Gate Show at Mitchell Park Conservatory (Domes)

May 8 Designing with Allium or Agapanthus by Laurie Wareham

Apr 10 Branches in Bloom by Cindy Hum

Mar 13 Ikebana with Shikimono by Shirin Ahmadi-Timms

Jan 9 Practice Workshop


Dec 12 Holiday Party

Nov 14 Shapes & Forms with Mizuhiki by Helen Surridge

Oct 13 Ikenobo Guest Presentation by Yoko Miller

Sep 12 Design an arrangement inspired by your favorite music by Carolyn Jackson

Aug 2-5  State Fair Show (Extra Day This Year!)

Jul 11       Field Trip to Anderson Japanese Gardens

Jun 13     Garden Party hosted by Lynda Curl

June 1-3  Torii Gate Show at The Domes

May 9      Inspired Design Using Someone Else’s Container by Laurie Wareham

Apr 11     Friendship Through Bottles by Carolyn Jackson

Mar 14     Seasonal Ikebana: Anticipating Spring by Lynn Laufenberg

Feb 14     Basic Moribana by Shirin Ahmadi-Timms

Jan 10     Practice workshop


Jan 11       Practice workshop to improve skills. Design of your choice. No business meeting.

Feb 8        Arrangement in a compote by Helen Surridge

Mar 8       Designing with aspidistra leaves by Laurie Wareham 

Apr 12       Creating a design for tokonoma by Cindy Hum

May 10      Design using flowering branches by Cindy Hum

May 20-21   Ichiyo Spring Flower Show Exhibition at Delafield Public Library

June 14       Garden Party and Installation of new officers (11 am) hosted by Neena Munshi

July 12     Making custom ikebana pottery containers at The Potter’s Shop with Cindy Hum

August 3-5    Wisconsin State Fair Show

Sep 13     O’Hara Workshop by Annika Au ($20 Fee)

Oct 11     Ikebana Using Two Containers by Cindy Hum

Nov 8      Basic Cascading Nagieri by Shirin Ahmadi-Timms

Dec 13     Holiday Party – Western Racquet Club


Jan 13       Practice workshop to improve Ikebana skills. Design of your choice. No business meeting.

Feb 10      Fruits and vegetables arrangements by Gabriella Bras

Mar 9        Guest Speaker – Shelley Galloway: Floral Design and My Path To Ikebana

Mar 17-20     Art in Bloom – Milwaukee Public Museum

Apr 13       Weeping willow/Kubari by Cindy Hum and Tea Ceremony by Nobie Sacia

May 11     

June 24-26       Torii Gate Show at Mitchell Park Conservatory

June 8       Garden Party hosted by Alka Bhargava

July 13      Field Trip—Making pottery container with Cindy Hum

Aug 4-6     Wisconsin State Fair Show

Sep 14      Arrangements Using Bleached Materials by Helen Surridge

Oct 12       Design using frames by Laurie Wareham

Nov 9        Centerpieces in Ikebana style by Lynn Laufenberg

Dec 3        Kenosha International Holiday Fair at Kenosha Public Museum – Display and “Make & Take”

Dec 7        Holiday party location TBA


July 8        Friends and Family workshop by Karen Copper

Aug 6-8     State Fair Show

Sep 9        Design in outdoor “space” lead by Alka Bhargava

Oct 14       Focus on chrysanthemums by Helen Surridge

Nov 11      Arranging with Baskets by Laurie Wareham

Dec 9        Christmas Luncheon

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